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Cornelia - A New Visual Arts Review for Western New York and Southern Ontario

Buffalo has witnessed a decline in writing about the visual arts to the point where now there is almost none. The lack of arts writing has been cited over and over as a sign of an unhealthy and unsupported art scene in our city and region.

As a start to addressing this problem, BICA held a workshop with Lindsay Preston Zappas, the founder of Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles. BICA has committed to incubate a new arts publication. We have 15 writers and a graphic designer committed to donating their time and words to get a “proof of concept” publication off the ground.

Named in honor of Cornelia Bentley Sage Quinton —a painter as well as the first woman to serve as the director of an art museum in the US at the Albright Knox and the only Buffalonian to serve as the director of the museum — we hope to honor and record the history and future contributions of the arts in Buffalo to national and international dialogues.

On August 24th we will launch 1000 copies of the proof-of-concept publication, to be distributed around Buffalo, Western New York, and Southern Ontario, Canada. The intention is to turn this into a biannual print publication, with an accompanying online blog updated regularly.

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We aim to build this into a sustainable publication using a sponsored advertising model. Other arts organizations and for-profit businesses can sponsor our publication in return for advertisements. There are currently no places to advertise specifically to the arts and culture community in our region, so this is a great way to promote upcoming exhibitions, events, programs, or products.

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