Arts Ecosystem

The Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art is committed to creating, compiling, and collecting resources for artists in Buffalo who wish to grow their careers as artists.

Artwork by Lindsay Preston Zappas

Artwork by Lindsay Preston Zappas

Microgrants for Art Projects

We give away $300 four times a year to support artists and curators who are realizing projects in Buffalo.

John Opera in his Buffalo studio.

John Opera in his Buffalo studio.

Studio Visits

We love doing studio visits with artists in Western New York. Send us an email and we’ll set something up.


Artist Census

To better understand the artist who live in Buffalo and how to serve them, we are conducting a census style survey for artists and art workers in Buffalo and across Western New York.

This data will help establish a baseline of information about artists and can be used as a tool to garner support for artists and creatives in the area. Once the survey period has ended, results will be made available on this site and will be shared with other arts organizations and support groups.