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Lindsay Preston Zappas: I Forgot My Shoes

Zappas’ work as an artist threads between media (sculpture, weaving, photography, and performance), genres (art, craft, and design), and from representation to reality, as rainbow-painted wood, furniture, paper collage, and performers spill from pictorial space into the exhibition space. Whether working with textiles, Photoshop, or paint, the human figure acts as a focal point throughout Zappas’ work, assuming classic art historical manifestations in her photographs but a vulnerable presence in the tapestries’ performative interventions.

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Charmed: A Bonanza Retrospective

Charmed: A Bonanza Retrospective is the first in a series of exhibitions at BICA dedicated to remaking institutions into utilities that serve the public. This exhibition investigates the role of the museum in a community through a playful staging of a retrospective of work by the San Francisco-based artist collective Bonanza.

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