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Lindsay Preston Zappas: I Forgot My Shoes

Zappas’ work as an artist threads between media (sculpture, weaving, photography, and performance), genres (art, craft, and design), and from representation to reality, as rainbow-painted wood, furniture, paper collage, and performers spill from pictorial space into the exhibition space. Whether working with textiles, Photoshop, or paint, the human figure acts as a focal point throughout Zappas’ work, assuming classic art historical manifestations in her photographs but a vulnerable presence in the tapestries’ performative interventions.

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Charmed: A Bonanza Retrospective

Charmed: A Bonanza Retrospective is the first in a series of exhibitions at BICA dedicated to remaking institutions into utilities that serve the public. This exhibition investigates the role of the museum in a community through a playful staging of a retrospective of work by the San Francisco-based artist collective Bonanza.

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Body Spray

The Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art is proud to present Body Spray, a pop-up exhibition showcasing a group of artists who address the human figure in all its hairy glory and wet desire in a variety of media. Putting local Buffalo artists into dialogue with artists from across the country, the figures represented here address bodily realities and misperceptions, and speak to the fluidity of bodies across genders, across borders, and across time. This exhibition aims to set a stage for BICA in the future, a fluid and imperfect institution.

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